Nho Gil-Sang


Nho (Roh), Gil-Sang: PhD (UK, 1994) - Using diplomats and doctors as terror agents:

Bioterrorist - Diplomatic immunity and privileges

Kidnapping and murder attempts (Burnt offering),

with diamond smugglers and foreign bioterrorists

Health and Welfare attaché (2000), Embassy and Mission of The Republic of Korea

Health Insurance Policy Division, Pension and Health Insurance Bureau, Ministry of Health and Welfare (April 14, 2004)

Nho (Roh), Gil-Sang, Terrorist - After the failure of kidnapping and murder attempt at Antwerp using the 2000 km cycling event between Paris and Berlin, he said to me that president Dae-Jung Kim did not abandoned me. He delivered this menace at the church. His words simply testified and forecasted what will happen later from that season of political criminal activities. It happened at the church.

Gil-Sang Nho, one of the most dangerous agents who tried to assassinate me, had to be careful about wire tapping. He did not use a mobile phone – he said he preferred public telephones. He prefers to use other's car and is apt to change his appearance.

Gil-Sang Nho prepared an occasion to approach me (Brussels, 1999). It was an unique chance to kidnap and murder me during the events well prepared for me -because I was not aware of the heavy presence of president Dae-Jung Kim's terrorist diplomats and thugs-. He behaved in an strange way. Nevertheless they did not kidnap me -he failed to do so-.

Gil-Sang Nho and a consul in the Embassy whose name is unknown told me that Ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi of Vice Minister rank will emigrate to Houston Texas at a restaurant. A consul said he just moved from the US. This scene was prepared by diplomat Gil-Sang Nho. I do not know the reason why Nho’s boss -Vice Minister class Dae-Hwa Choi- released such private information to a person who he would like to kidnap and murder. Dae-Hwa Choi was not the only one. agents who were engaged in the criminal operation against me often said about their visit and emigration to the US. Certain agent said about his eventual naturalization as US citizen. [One of agent conveyed some words about the reason why he emigrate to the US was “escape from his criminal pass.”]

Indeed, this was the beginning of Dae-Hwa Choi's clandestine operation to kidnap and murder a Korean citizen abroad for president Kim's political profit.

He gave me the chance to choose between Kim Dae-Jung’s political ideas, and death. Of course, I refused his proposal with a single word, and Nho’s face hardened.

After President Kim's bioterrorism, Nho said that he and Jong-Gil Kim are spies. It was also just another menace. I classify them as terrorists -not as spies-. Interestingly certain agent who participated Nho’s operation became very nervous when I mentioned the name of Gil-Sang Nho. This reaction was also observed at the face of Jong-Gil Kim after the failure of kidnapping attempt -when he said about their financial compensation-.

When I was leaving Brussels to go to Atlanta, He called me and said that I shouldn't trust anyone in the U.S. as if he were concerned for my person safety, even though he had already tried to harm me several times, in spite of the disclosure of his secret job, and the purpose of his activity as a diplomat.

They were waiting me at Atlanta. I was not alone.

Diamond Smuggling Network

    Joshua's elements

The NIS Committee on Past History chose 7 cases for priority investigation.

Also include the terrorism of the Kim, Dae-Jung government!

What does Young-Koo Ko, Chief of National Intelligence Service (KCIA), think about a colleague like Gil-Sang Nho? May 25, 2004 What do you think about biological and chemical terrorism? Sept. 11, 2004

Ko, Young-Koo, Chief of NIS should include in the targets for the past history investigation of the political terrorism committed by the Kim, Dae-Jung government in Brussels through NIS!

When medical practice becomes a means of political oppression.- NIS Director Kuhn Shin, 2001.3.27 - 2003.4.24 (2 years and 1 month)

President Dae-Jung Kim’s “attempted kidnapping and murder committed in a church” President Kim, Dae-Jung, Term 1998.02.25- 2003.

Interpol and the World Customs Organization, with the support and participation of the World Intellectual Property Organization, are hosting the First Global Congress on ... Interpol Secretary General Mr. Ronald Kenneth Noble, what is the relationship between Interpol and Gil-Sang Nho who is a terrorist that worked for President Dae-Jung Kim?

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