In a church


President Dae-Jung Kim’s “attempted kidnapping and murder committed in a church”

Bioterrorism and attempted kidnapping and murder committed in a church!

Attempted assassinations of Soo Hahn in Brussels, fails 2000 -2001
Oppression and Terror, 2002 -

"While in Brussels in early June 2001, I did not meet most of them except a few such as Mr. Paid Well or Gil Sang Nho etc.

A few days after I started the hunger strike in front of the noses of those who tried to kill me, Mr. Paid Well suggested economic compensation through someone. The location where the compensation was mentioned was the same place where Mr. Paid Well threatened me by mentioning the military prison when I came back to Brussels after the conspiracy to kidnap and murder me failed in Antwerp around the end of June, 2000.

After the hunger strike was over, I purchased an airplane ticket to leave Brussels at 14:40 on June 12, 2001 at a travel shop for 503.27 Euro. Mr. Paid Well carried out a conspiracy to kill me as I was preparing to leave, at a church, mobilizing even his own wife. When my consciousness was growing dim due to drug, Mr. Paid Well put smile on his face, shook his finger left to right and tested how conscious I was. Mr. Paid Well said many people would be there before I lost consciousness, and I asked later on who they were but he said he didn’t remember. In the evening that day, I, who had lost consciousness on account of drug, was able to avoid death incidentally thanks to the presence of people who went there to sleep. Mr. Paid Well gave up the plan as unexpected visitors appeared.

That person appeared again, who was frequently with Mr. Paid Well and Kim Woo-Chul, whom I saw among those who were mobilized to cover up the conspiracy when the man hunters were trying to kill me at a restaurant in Antwerp 2000 (
Diamond Smuggling Network). That’s when I was waking up from drug." from "After the 6.15 Joint Declaration"

Shin, Kuhn, Director of NIS (KCIA) 2001. 3. 27 - 2003. 4. 24 (2 years and 1 month)

President Dae-Jung Kim who emphasized human rights so much committed even bioterrorism after he was awarded a Nobel Prize. Isn’t it obvious that democracy cannot be realized under the kind of thought that the oppression one suffered is unjust but others should remain silent even when oppressed? Should one be labeled as left or radical right, just because he has different political thoughts from President Kim Dae-Jung or supports the rival of the President? What about the conscience that is not put to act? On which side is it? Bioterrorism, abduction, assassination, and concealment of terror are the symptoms of a despotic rule. A human life is not an object of dealing, just as a human is not an object of traffic. When will President Moo-Hyun Roh in the Blue House ever let the oppressors withdraw? Until when will President Moo-Hyun Roh conceal the bioterrorism, attempted kidnapping and murder committed by the Dae-Jung Kim regime?

It should be explained how Yang-Hong Bae became a military general, when Yang-Hong Bae falsely accused me to be antigovernment, used drug, and publicized me to have such political thoughts that I have to disappear abroad? Should a person who played such a role become a military general of the Republic of Korea? A question is raised whether it is a political reform to turn a human rights suppression and political oppression expert into a military general? It is questionable in which democracy, in which country and during what time frame during which freedom is guaranteed, it was called a reform for a person who blatantly destroyed a human to become a general. It could hurt the morale of the soldiers who could risk their lives for the nation.

Can it be an open society where the terrorist Nho Gil-Sang turned into a desirable civil employee? Why not cut away from the darkness and oppressive politics of the past? Can you say that you protect freedom and life when you make someone inhale toxic materials and chemicals? Will President Moo-Hyun Roh call this an open society where freedom and democracy are guaranteed?

“I will abolish the intelligence agency which is the headquarter of such intelligence politics and dark politics.” Dae-Jung Kim

We need the National Intelligence System that is not a privatized intelligence agency for justifying the powerful, imposing political thoughts, and concealing terrorism, but a public agency for protecting the freedom and life of citizens, and building a beautiful country. NIS should fight against those who are the instruments of violence going around killing people.

Today, as I am writing, the regime is publicizing that terrorists are desirable. I am next to those for whom attempted kidnapping, assassination and bioterrorism are desirable. – Looking at how the structurization of silence has been thoroughly processed.


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