Lim, Dong-Won


Lim, Dong-Won: 24th Director of National Intelligence Service (NIS, KCIA) (Dec. 24, 1999 - March 26, 2001): Using diplomats and doctors as terror agents:
President Dae-Jung Kim’s Special Assistant for Foreign Affairs, Security and Unification, 25th and 27th Minister of Unification.

[Diplomat Gil-Sang Nho attempted a secret and sophisticated kidnapping and murder operation in Brussels and Brabant. (1999, FDA, Europe)]

At that time, the Chief of the National Intelligence Service who is said to be running “errands” for the President was Dong-Won Lim, who served as Chief of Foreign Affairs and Security of the Blue House and Minister of Unification, who held special trust of President Kim Dae-Jung, and is currently the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Sejong Foundation.

State Terrorism: After the 6.15 North-South Joint Declaration - As the date to commemorate Korean war of June 25 was approaching - Packaging me as extreme rightist

Dae-Hwa Choi, Vice Minister rank Ambassador accredited to the EC - European Community, European Union, Using diplomats as terror agents - Diplomatic immunity and privileges

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