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Sunday December 26, 2004

Only the location was changed from Brussels to Seoul: National Intelligence Service and Defense Security Command

From pro-Kim Il-Sung leftist to anti-Kim Jong-Il extreme rightist – Charges made by National Intelligence Service and Defense Security Command to suit their needs: In defense of human rights.

in Korean:

Commanding General of Defense Security Command (DSC) Song Young-Keun, what is the reason that Lieutenant Colonel Yang-Hong Bae of DSC exercised abnormal and planned political violence in Brussels? What is the reason that a member of DSC is doing something like this? (Lieutenant Colonel Bae Yang-Hong, military 33rd graduate: Brigadier General now, promoted to General on January 1, 2004 under President Roh Moo-Hyun.)

December 24, 2004, but nothing has changed from December 24, 1999. They were like that also at that time on Christmas in 1999. Only the location was changed from Brussels to Seoul. On my way to Uljiro Entrance after dropping by at a Kyobo bookstore. When I had to feel again I am not able to be free from the oppression of National Intelligence Service (NIS) even on a day like today, I raised voice about the cruel oppression by political power. I told the police in front of my eyes to contact NIS and take me. Around 4:30 pm on the way home, a jeep covered with clothes with Military Police written on it is driven in front of me from the side street in front of my home. Military Police car, as if a police car is not enough! The materials were organized on the internet on military attaché lieutenant colonel Seung-Sun Lee (Period of Second Oppression in Europe), who conspired with the errand men of political oppression ring that used even germs while falsely accusing me of being anti-government recently, and self-styled lieutenant colonel Yang-Hong Bae (Period of First Oppression in Europe) of DSC in whose presence even the stars are said to tremble, who participated in the conspiracy using drug.

Period of First Oppression in Europe – Secret Drug Intoxication and Making charges of pro-Kim Il-Sung communist – Agent Jin (Hyundai)

In the early period (1986 – 1987) after I went to Belgium, Jin (Hyundai, Brussels/Paris) who was referred to me by a short term student invited me to a dinner at his house. I found out later that agent Jin participated in the conspiracy at that time with Yang-Hong Bae etc. as organization colleague going beyond time and space with Gil-Sang Nho and Mr. Well Paid. (When I checked on the internet after returning from Atlanta, he was in a city that was a few hours driving distance from Brussels where I was staying (Paris). Re-confirmed on Aug. 22, 2004.) I turned it down as I was occupied with examination, but he asked me to connect electricity, so I took an expensive taxi because I did not have time, and struggled to remember what I learned from an electrician when I was moving, and connected triple electric wires. In the middle of the conversation over the dinner, all of a sudden in front of a foreigner and his spouse, he accused me as one with political thoughts that should disappear. And the foreigner who was in front of me put his feet with only socks on the dinner table. With only a few words, agent Jin successfully branded me as pro-Kim Il-Sung communist. After it happened in Brussels, it was the beginning of new period.

KCIA staff who was assigned at the Embassy at that time was found attempting to conspire with Song Pyung-Jun. After that, I received Shish kebab in the middle of the night from a KCIA (currently NIS) staff. (One agent smiled and intentionally said to me that the agent who sent me Shish Kebab immigrated to the U.S. For what reason did the person who had to hide his whereabouts intentionally allow notifying me where he was going? At that time, I was already addicted to their drug. At that time, I was not aware of their cruel intention. The agent who sent me shish kebab was one of the people who advertised me as someone that has to disappear). Just like a mafia who sends a gift of dead fish, like the Mr. and Mrs. Consul at the Embassy who recommended me to eat bean rice displaying bean rice and salted bean, that gift which was not a gift was a kind of threat that they make which is hard to notice.

Yang-Hong Bae talked about his faith and even told me to give the bible that I was keeping as extra. Yang-Hong Bae is the core person even Gil-Sang Nho and Mr. Well Paid knew. Of course I gave Bae, an officer of DSC, the extra bible that I purchased through a church. At first he was very polite and well mannered. He maintained that attitude for a while. He explained about his foreign language skills, and boasted that he came abroad to study about such military intelligence operation methods etc. that are very important in the military academy, listing such words as intelligence operation, political operation, and dissolution operation. To put it again, it was an explanation about how capable he was. DSC officer Bae mobilized people around him and delivered the news that his promotion is getting delayed, and Bae himself showed the anxious attitudes, and even complained about the insufficient funds for studying abroad. I maintained a relationship like neighbors sharing instant noodles or the fruits that I brought. After such times passed, DSC officer Bae suddenly changed his attitudes and called me “a North Korean” and prepared a conspiracy to package me as pro-Kim Il-Sung communist. After that incident, he’s colleagues used drug. What he did was the operation that he said he was learning.

Under President Roh, Moo-hyun, Yang-Hong Bae was promoted to Brigadier General as of January 1, 2004 (confirmed on the internet). He called himself Lieutenant Colonel Yang-Hong Bae, and boasted that “even stars tremble in front of DSC officers.”

Packaging and advertising a powerless citizen as anti-government political criminal by agent Jin and his colleagues:

Agent Jin who invited me to a dinner held at his house all of a sudden accused me, in front of a foreigner and his spouse, as person with political thoughts that should disappear. After that, agent Jin branded me as a person with political thoughts that should disappear, and led me to naturally meet foreigners residing in Belgium including foreign soldiers and soldier’s families to show me as pro-Kim Il-Sung communist. (Military attaché of Embassy etc. who has the same purpose as Bae of DSC is related). A few planned publicity campaign. Their plan was not realized continuously because I didn’t have a car.

Drug Intoxication - Organized conspiracy including political oppression agents and DSC Bae Yang-Hong [Narcotics were administered to me extensively without my knowledge after the NATO military base (Mons) plot failed.]

Period of Second Oppression in Europe – Bioterrorism and A number of attempts to kidnap and murder – Vice Minister rank Ambassador Dae-Hwa Choi and his errand men

Ban Ki-Moon (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.), Drugs, Prostitution, Hostage Threat, Bribe, Germs using Terrorism, Chemical Terrorism, Kidnapping and Murder Attempt as DJ's Burnt OfferingCho Jung-Pyo (Consul General, Korean Consulate General in Atlanta, incumbent Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.), Profiting from Terrorism. Using diplomats as terror agents - Diplomatic immunity and privilegesAmbassador accredited to the EC - European Community, European Union, Using diplomats as terror agents - Diplomatic immunity and privileges24th Director of National Intelligence Service (NIS, KCIA) (Dec. 24, 1999 - March 26, 2001) President Kim Dae-jung’s Special Assistant for Foreign Affairs, Security and Unification, 25th and 27th Minister of Unification.

After Mr. Dae-Jung Kim was inaugurated as president, political oppression agents and diplomats appeared. They were running errands for President Dae-Jung Kim who accused me to be anti-government, pro-Kim Jong-Il leftist and anti-Kim Jong-Il extreme rightist, and attempted to kidnap and murder. It was when President Kim Dae-Jung visited North Korea and received Nobel Prize talking about North-South reconciliation when the charge was changed to anti-Kim Jong-Il extreme right. The political oppression organization led by vice minister rank Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa who accused me of being pro-Kim Jong Il leftist and anti-Kim Jong Il extreme rightist gave me an opportunity to choose the political thoughts of President Kim Dae-Jung after a numerous attempts to kidnap and assassinate and infectious agent using terror (Chinese agents). I rejected the political thoughts of President Kim Dae-Jung right on the spot. It was after a worship service.

It was a political oppression organization including lieutenant colonel Lee Seung-Sun and Nho Gil-Sang.

I had to leave Brussels in early 2001 abandoning everything, rejecting their dirty compensation with the condition attached that I should not return to Seoul. Nho Gil-Sang is a person who attempted to appease me in front of the Palais de Justice saying that the world is about who eats more, and he committed bioterrorism, and tried to threaten me by mentioning Interpol at church.

Lieutenant Colonel Lee Seung-sun as Chief of Organization PKO

Completely packaging the person to be kidnapped and murdered as extreme right:

President Kim, Daejung

Popeye Choi who said he was from DSC is the person who accused me of being anti-Kim Jong-Il extreme right. Popeye Choi tried to package me as extreme right mentioning the assassination of Kim Jong-Il at a restaurant that people frequented which is located between the radio and television tower and Square Montgomery in Brussels. While saying something to that effect, he mentioned the name Lee Chul-Seung that I was not aware of.

October 13, 2000, OSLO, Norway -- South Korean President Kim Dae-jung has won the Nobel peace prize for his attempts to improve relations with his country's Stalinist neighbour North Korea. - CNN

This was the moment of branded me as anti-Kim Jong-Il extreme rightist, while I was accused of being pro-Kim Il-Song leftist in college because I talked about democracy. It is a word game for the purpose of making charges by DSC and NIS. Are charges made up through word game? They were.

After Mayor Lee Myung-bak’s inauguration event was over, I was taking a short rest at a coffee shop next to the location where Patty Kim was singing for the inauguration event, and people were gathering to my side one by one. They were talking loudly, why conservatism in this age. I had to heard it. What are they saying these words for? Their words were the words that explained today’s situation well.

Presidential Election day 2002. An errand man delivers a word in the side street next to the voting place, make a good choice this time, the act reminded me of suggesting and forcing me to accommodate the political thoughts of President Kim Dae-Jung in the face of death. Is it democracy to force the selection of Presidential candidate Roh Moo-hyun on a Presidential election date?

Will it suffice to kill by means of bio-chemical terrorism through accusing leftist and extreme rightist? If one rejects the political thoughts of President Dae-Jung Kim, is the human rights of the person who rejected President Kim's political thoughts not the human rights? A person who became a councilor, who uses a word patriot to describe himself, who threatened me for the errand men of President Dae-Jung Kim, said when his identity was revealed and he was in the corner, “it was for survival”! He said that he is a person who makes anti-government political criminal and participates in political oppression for survival. This man cannot be considered financially poor.

This collaboration —multiple attempts to kidnap and murder a citizen branded as anti-Kim Jong-Il extreme rightist— between Kim Dae-Jung's Blue House, Ban Ki-Moon's Ministry of Foreign Affaires and Trade, the National Intelligence Service (Korean Central Intelligence Agency, KCIA) and the Hyundai* was the manoeuvre to implement Kim's Sunshine policy.

*This secret agent —regional director/CEO (Hyundai America (USA)/ Hyundai, Brussels, 7years/ KIA, London (UK), Jan. 2007-)— corroborated with Jeon, Nho (Roh) Gil-Sang (diplomat and secret KCIA agent) and Jung Kang-Hyun (diplomat and KCIA agent) —Ban Ki-Moon's terror agent worked for “Burnt Offering”. Several agents worked for him. One of his subordinate waited me at Tervuren (2001). It is important to not that the agent Popeye moved to London after the criminal and terror acts.

Returning to Seoul after the hunger strike alone in Atlanta, I tried to get treatment for broken eye socket. President Kim threatened through surgeon, doctor and dentists. That was not everything! President Dae-Jung Kim pushed me into the status of being thoroughly deprived of human rights not being able to receive even a physical check up by means of oppression through NIS Director Kuhn Shin.

The dentist used germs to cause infection and tortured me by using psychoactive drugs (pharmacological torture). The dentist made a hole in a person’s tooth. On the day when I was going to another hospital to get the medical imaging, there was an intentional car impact in front of the hospital intended to deliver a threat. As if that’s not enough, they made inhale chemicals by mobilizing the sympathizers even at a bank. These things file up and make a mobile prison without a wall.

Apr. 08, 2005, Roh Moo-Hyun's agent conveyed the words “Growing opium poppies”.

May 23, 2005, when I started my silent demand of liquidation of President Kim's crimes and terror activities, they did arson.

After their arson, I had to meet intense manipulation and intimidation at the National Assembly Members Office (Sept. 2005, A member of the National Assembly, opposition political party - Grand National, Hannara)

May 07, 2007. After verification of criminals (infectious agent using terrorism and pharmacological and medical tortures at Il-Won Dong, Gangnam Gu, Seoul, I received the same death threat I had previously received from Cho (Jo) Dong-Il (July 2002, Seoul).

Jun. 21, 2007, they did torture on the main street near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and President Kim Dae-Jung and said “the road to crematorium.”

Oct. 02., 2007 - President Roh Moo-Hyun did prepared assault and battery in the front of Presidential Palace.

Old practices were not banned.

Is this democracy that we shouted for during college, where human rights are guaranteed, for which many people hoped for!

There has been no change in the behaviors of the errand men for political violence up to today of NIS Director Ko Young-Koo.

The errand men of political violence have the same purpose since agent Jin. They attempt kidnapping and assassination and use germ and chemicals as if drug does not suffice. There has been no change in the behaviors of the errand men for political violence up to today of NIS Director Ko Young-Koo.

President Roh Moo-hyun, Speech to People “Strict Response to Terrorism” June 23, 2004

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