6th Anniversary of Ban's Terrorism


Why didn’t you end up dead? Why are you coming back (alive)? - President Roh Moo-Hyun and Minister Ban Ki-Moon of MOFAT do not hesitate in using violence against citizens in order to provoke violence and facilitate their cover-up of political terrorism. - In front of President Roh Moo-Hyun's Blue House - The 34th (1st part - Morning)

June 16, 2006

Sat, 7 Jul 2007 23:17:33 +0900 (GMT) - In order to conceal President Kim Dae-Jung’s political terrorism and crime activity, To: "Commission on Human Rights -a department of the United Nations Secretariat-" ngochr@ohchr.org, tb-petitions@ohchr.org

Sat, 7 Jul 2007 21:09:55 -0700 (PDT) [Sat, 7 Jul 2007 23:09:55 -0500 (GMT)] 1. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon - In order to conceal President Kim Dae-Jung’s political terrorism and crime activity, To: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon inquiries@un.org

“The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the President.” April 19, 2005, Minister Ban Ki-MoonBan Ki-Moon (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.), Drugs, Prostitution, Hostage Threat, Bribe, Germs using Terrorism, Chemical Terrorism, Kidnapping and Murder Attempt as DJ's Burnt Offering

April 26, 2006 - To Minister Ban Ki-Moon of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT), To Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan - From Brussels to Atlanta: State Terrorism

07:23 In front of Dong Daemoon (East Gate of Seoul)

07:30 Passing by Chang Kyung Palace

07:34 - 07:57 I demand the arrest of all political gangsters in front of Roh Moo-Hyun's Presidential Palace.

07:34 In front of the Central Government Complex annex of Chang-Sung Dong.

07:36 Agents act as a tool of intimidation and threat. They are trying to pick up a quarrel with me, even when today they seem to be relatively quiet.

Agent provocateur; this agent’s specializes himself in “provocation.” He is behaving as usual.

I ask “Why can’t I go further in the direction of Roh’s Presidential Palace (Blue House)?”. He answers “This road is not closed to everybody.” He asks me to tell him the reason why I would like to go in front of the Blue House. (Why did Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats try to murder me in Brussels and then continued their efforts in Atlanta?)

[Did we see it? Intelligence agencies of other countries are worse. This sort of president Roh’s vindication is inappropriate resistance against the achievement of justice. This pretended vindication shows clearly that Roh knows the evil nature of Kim’s terrorist activities in EU and that his brutal cover-up is absolutely wrong. That's why the police tried to intoxicate me with psychotropic substances in Sam-Chung police box next to the presidential palace.]

When I ask the reason why he is hindering the realization of justice, he stops talking. He carefully avoids any reply and looks away.

07:43 “What you are doing to prevent the realization of justice is actually permitting continuous killings by criminals swaggering around the world”.

07:45 The agent provocateur keeps a distance. (I think about the possibility that a new method could have being implemented by President Roh Moo-Hyun)

07:48 A question to Prime Minister Han Myeong-sook;

What kind of profit are diplomats looking for when they use narcotics against citizens?

[Prime Minister Han Myeong-sook, who took part in the process of democratization, maybe you’d have to reconsider the convenience of keeping within your agent a person who accused me of being an antigovernment activist for the only reason that I am supporting an opposition party. This incident took place next door to the Ministry of Justice in Brussels. Why are you so vigorously publicizing that your fellow citizen is an antigovernment activist? For which reason did your agent treat me so hard as if I were an antigovernment leftist? Are you covering-up in an effort to democratize terrorist activity?

Members of a political crime cell lured me to the U.S. Armed Forces military base (NATO). A violinist and his wife, a diplomat emigrated to the US, a military attaché and Bae Yang-Hong (an officer of the Defense Security Command), they all worked together and participated as principal actors in a crime cell which became the axis of terrorism and political oppression. Their main weapons were clandestine and insidious use of narcotics and psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs), committing crimes and political manipulation. The violinist and his wife warned me not to associate with anyone from Jeolla-Do. They were close collaborators of Bae Yang-Hong of the DSC. Furthermore, their main agent was directly connected to the military attaché at the embassy in Brussels. This military attaché happened to play one of the most important roles in the whole plot. He was at the very centre of the crime cell that tried to destroy a defenseless citizen. These are just the visible tentacles of a criminal organization. They couldn’t trap me at the NATO's Mons military base, but they did succeed in secretly intoxicating me with narcotics. When their attempt to destroy me was finished I was surely intoxicated with their drugs. One of the agents kindly and maliciously said to me some words concerning the place where people can find narcotic dealers. It was actually the final stage of their crime plot to destroy me. Ban Ki-Moon's colleagues were nothing else than state supported highly paid criminals armed with diplomatic immunity and privileges. They certainly wished to destroy me -their victim- and my thoughts about democracy and all that I believe. One of the agents even laughed scornfully at my poor state in front of the Hilton Hotel.]

A key figure among them was Lieutenant Colonel Bae Yang-Hong of the Defense Security Command (DSC) to the extent that even generals were afraid of him. He was promoted to the rank of military general on January 1, 2004 -under the Presidence of Roh Moo-Hyun- and is now a Brigadier General.

07:57 End of today's liquidation demand in front of Roh's Presidential Palace.

08:10 - 09:00 In front of MOFAT. (They just opened one of the West Gate’s leaves. Someone who will later commit a major crime is standing with his walkie-talkie in front of the gate.)

Words to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon.

On the one hand, in front of citizens, you regard yourselves as diplomats providing spotless protection to citizens abroad.

On the other hand, in order to avoid being checked by citizens, your diplomats -such as vice-minister class Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa who became a key axis- attempt to abduct and murder me in foreign countries, also for profit. I am demanding the prompt liquidation of all terrorist activities and political manipulations. [Later I will learn that Minister Ban knew about what's happening at the gates of the Ministry. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon will state he knew on every situation -Mr. Ban will state what I observed at the gate during my demand of the liquidation of the all terrorist activities.-  that takes place at the entrance of his premises, in particular at the place I was requesting the liquidation of terrorist activities and -for that one and only reason- I was being attacked by his criminal agents.]

Minister Ban with an immaculate reputation! “Go away after you relieve your stress!” Is MOFAT stress relieving an amusement park? (During my last visit to demand the liquidation of terrorist activities a policeman told me exactly those words: “Relieve your stress and go away!”)

Diplomat Nho Gil-Sang and Joshua Group including a cancer research institute researcher, all interconnected with MOFAT, have committed crimes in perfect order.

“Take me to the police station? Whom are you intending to take to the police station?” (Do you want to take a terror victim to a police station? Wouldn’t it be better that you yourself become arrested? You, laughing at the world with hypocrisy, did not hesitate to employ terrifying methods such as physical violence, death threats, subtle stratagems to intoxicate a citizen with psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs), bioterrorism, fabrication of a pro-Kim Jung-il anti-American communist and an anti-Kim Jung-il pro-American extreme right-wing, besides other numerous attempts to kidnap and murder me in the European Union, USA and Korea. I am astonished at your attitudes!)

Minister Ban, with an immaculate reputation! Do you believe that those crimes committed by Kim Dae-Jung’s terrorists will be erased by means of more criminal activity exercised by President Roh Moo-Hyun against their terror victim? Or through the protection and promotion of the agents who have already committed those horrendous crimes mixed with narcotics, all forms of oppression and bioterrorism?

Those crimes are also committed by using women, accompanied with children as shield, using pain inducing chemicals (pharmacological torture), and by mobilizing young agents and policemen for violence and death threats in order to achieve the cover up of Kim’s terrorism. Even in front of the Presidential Palace (Blue House), they are not showing any remorse when they admit that they do it “to eat” (to make a living). I was shocked! Is this a valid excuse? Is this justification? Of course it’s not, but it is the justification and pleading that these criminals are actually bringing forward.

[How can you pretend that you are fulfilling your duty of protecting citizens overseas, while at the same time you are committing all sort of crimes -from kidnapping and murder attempts to various other terrorist acts by mobilizing political gangsters not better than organized criminals-? You are saying “Now people have to be on alert. They have to take care of their own security”, but even then you cannot elude your responsibility for the fair treatment of people.

(Minister Ban Ki-Moon (April 19, 2005) said “The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the President.”) Tragically, it has become a senseless and inhuman implementation of the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the president. Only the criminals and terrorists commit these sorts of crimes, and it is only terrorism that will find any sense in your implementation.]

(When I demand the dismantling of political gangster activities under Ban’s office -he knows what’s happening at the gate of the Ministry as he said to journalists-, Minister Ban Ki-Moon -who carefully and hypocritically declaims world peace and human rights in front of international leaders- is actually mobilizing his agents and employing violence against his terror victim in order to break his victim’s will, his victim’s dream of justice.)

Jeon who is just one of the political gangsters who tried to kidnap and murder me in numerous occasions, said that President Kim Dae-Jung illegally transferred money to North Korea for the amount of billions of dollars after the June 15 North-South Korean Joint Declaration at the North-South summit meeting. Then I keep asking myself, why should Ban’s political gangster tell me those state secrets at the café “Le Nemrod” in the Place Louise Area after numerous kidnap and murder attempts? Why do Ban’s diplomats go on with this sly conspiracy?


Someone who wears eye-glasses and keeps his lips tight with expressionless face comes out of the MOFAT building holding a camcorder. (I filmed him too. Even though MOFAT building has to be equipped with high quality security cameras, they keep on filming scenes with personal devices). Needless to say, all this constitutes a silent threat against me, done for Mr. Ban. [Later, he will appear in front of me pretending that he did not participate in the violence of his fellow agents. He will plead his case and will stare at nothingness with an uneasy face.]

(President Roh Moo-Hyun who talks about progress in mankind’s history! There is a wide difference between what he says and what he does)

08:30 Demanding the liquidation of Kim’s political terrorist structure at the main gate of MOFAT.

08:38 At the west gate of MOFAT;

Which organization would cover up its terrorist activities by bribing victims –offering them women and financial compensation- if it were not for a political power caught in the mud of dictatorship?

Is it actually so difficult to dismantle terrorist activities? Even though President Roh has so much emphasized the end of past history …

08:42 When due to ever growing menaces to my family’s safety I prepared to leave Brussels -where I had been living for many years- Jeon and Patriot 1 tried to lure me into specific regions and countries. (When I talk about it, they respond seriously to my words.)

08:43 “Hey Mister, Come here! Hey Mister, Come here!”

One of the agents will first play a menacing role at the time I am being confined inside the Ministry building -by force used by Ban’s agents-. In an insidious way he will later express his desire for President Roh’s compensation -for his criminal service done for Mr. Ban in front of MOFAT-. It doesn’t surprise me at all to find this type of bribery and corruption, President Roh has been fully compensating the crimes of Bae Yang-Hong, Nho Gil-Sang and Cho Jung-Pyo. This shows a new successful path of career building in the domain of state crimes.

Agents who are behind a guard post at the west gate come out toward the gate and one of them -who has to be remembered- gives a hand signal.

“Bring him!”

“Come here!” “Come in!” He talks a lot (with insulting and menacing tones)

How do Mr. Ban’s agents dare to speak about service disturbance when he and his bosses do not care to liquidate those terrorists who commit a wide range of crimes -from bioterrorism to illicit narcotic intoxications- but on the contrary keep on promoting and commending them? Are you daring to admit that your service is in essence state terrorism? Is this President Roh’s reign actually based on democracy, and is it showing Lincoln’s principles by asserting the liquidation of political gangster culture? For whom is this omerta politics (“code of silence” politics) imposed?

[Why is Roh hanging on to this cover-up attitude -even by using cruel methods, death threats, violence and plots-? What are President Roh’s gains? President Kim’s agents used to refer to criminal activity as “profit-making business.”]


A well-built agent who has broad-shoulders and well developed muscles comes out of the premises with a man shouting loudly in an unpleasant way. [This well-built agent will be later on in the room where I was confined. At the moment I am attacked by his colleagues, he will be using his camera in order to film me from my backside. It is afterwards that I will be asking whether Mr. Ban Ki-moon would present his violence film at the UN. It is also in the year 2007, just before someone named “Christopher Hill” comes to visit MOFAT, that I will see him moving around at the entrance of the building. It is on May 23, 2007 that I will be observing him again while he was coming out from the west gate holding a lightened cigarette. I warned him at that time that Minister Song Min-Soon would be fully responsible for his behavior, after which he immediately retreated into the Ministry.]

Behind these two agents I can see the same agent who will be later on attacking me inside of the Ministry, strangling my neck in order to carry on Mr. Ban’s orders.

They say I am a person under protection. The protection they are mentioning is “the protection by law.” Even though they are trying to murder me by secret death squads, they keep on saying I am a person protected by law. (A surgeon was merely a KCIA agent who tried to harm me by using a local prostitute in EU. When his coldhearted plot using a prostitute failed, that very same day he tried to make me sick in a very sly manner. It was just one of the subtle ways in which they use to misbehave. He worked afterwards within the staff at a US Hospital (Pittsburgh, PA). It was also later on that one of his fellow agents, as a local resident, strangled me at the University of Leuven. This violent actor, a doctorate student, has currently become a professor working under Roh’s regime. Prostitution, terror and money were their favorite tools. It is important to note the existence of  a biomedical researcher and a surgeon were in a group of terrorists -use infectious agents (bioterrorism) and pharmacological torture-.)

[Let’s go back to Brussels within the EU in the early days of Kim’s presidency. Once again I met a couple who used to live in Brussels, the man being a doctorate student in Paris. The main reason why they came back to Brussels was to figure out my political ideas, to find out which were the politician -as a next political leader who can be a president- that I was thinking , and whether I supported President Kim’s political ideas or not.

A son of president Kim Dae-Jung’s political colleague -One of Kim's political colleagues emigrated to Oregon USA- was one of his agents. He has an eloquent tongue which is quite suitable for his business, and made some comments about his emigration to USA and his naturalization as an American citizen after his thesis. When he came back from the USA, he became ostensibly aggressive, threatening me in various ways. His task, as much as Nho Gil-Sang’s job, was vital in the elucidation of crimes but stood shrouded in mystery. President Kim’s agent, a son of his political colleague, conveyed that values such as law and justice are being suspended during war. He was connected with Nho Gil-Sang and Jung Kang-Hyun, who are diplomats and terrorists at the same time. When I openly mentioned this connection, Jung Kang-Hyun, as a diplomat, menaced the safety of my family. Jung, who was merely a tentacle of Kim Dae-Jung’s terror networks, dared to use my family as hostage for sometime.

Indeed, President Kim Dae-Jung behaved as a hostage-taker.

President Kim, as Korea’s President, started war without any previous war proclamation, his war being not actually a regular war but sheer terrorism against citizens. Of course, if what he attained can be called “reign”, what he showed in Brussels was a reign of terror, absolutely in contrast with his slogan of human rights. He was somehow awarded the Noble Prize.

A person under protection?

It’s so wonderful to see agents whose mouths utter such enormous words!]

He, someone who has strongly built-in, uses his body like his fist. Instead of his fist, he is using his body to attack me. (Mr. Ban! If your agent uses his body instead of his hand, is it not violence?)

“When you come to the MOFAT building, being it the font for the government office, you have to identify yourself.” (Those in charge of preparing and executing the series of sophisticated crimes against me pretend they don’t know me. This is one of their typical comedies so often played by agents working for Ban Ki-Moon’s crime service. Another one is their death threats, a favorite hit for those who work for president Roh Moo-Hyun.)

[A foreigner who was presented to me by Kim Jong-Gil ran away at a Brussels University campus when I identified him as the person who had been closely following me. Agents in front of the Presidential Palace called me up and intentionally informed me that they knew my name very well, also the reason why I had come to the front of the Presidential Palace. One of Roh’s agents whom I had often seen at that place came out once again to the road next by and menaced me by dropping a few hints about my house being put on fire. After his arson threat, he disappeared through the North Gate of Gyeongbok Palace. They even repeated the menace in front of my home. Finally, they carried out the arson attack under President Roh’s generous help and cover-up. [I have recently observed the presence of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s criminal agent near my home quite frequently. This intentional display of Ban’s agents among criminals who often use menaces and pharmacological torture clearly demonstrate that UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon and President Roh Moo-Hyun are deeply involved in violence and in the “no see no listen no speak” policy]. That is Roh’s style terrorist protection, together with the pretension that they do not know me.

Soon the violence and multiple attempts of intoxication with psychotropic substances will be observed inside and outside of the Ministry. These efforts to intoxicate me with psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) are aimed at provoking violence to facilitate Mr. Ban's cover-up. This is Ban’s plot to put the blame on me, keep his name clear, cover-up Kim’s terrorist activities in EU and USA.

To Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the criminalization of agents, police and the whole Ministry is worthwhile in order to cover-up the crimes in which he is involved. Notwithstanding that President Roh Moo-Hyun –his boss- is actually asserting in front of the people the need to terminate the gangster culture]


They say that I torment them. When I ask the clearing of professional killers, they are yelling that I torment them. (If so, for President Roh and Minister Ban of MOFAT, catching terrorists is tormenting enough to yell.)

There are several persons who yell in order to intimidate. (An agent who is standing behind the others will be playing a crucial role during the time I remained confined by force at the Ministry, threatening and attempting to administer psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) to me. Moreover, he will strangle my neck in the same way they have often tried to do in other parts of Seoul by mobilizing police and secret agents.)

08:46: These agents start to utter insulting words. They say again that I torment them.

(It is surprising to see that demanding the liquidation of terrorist activities is so tormenting and produces such violent reaction. Why is it so tormenting for Roh regime? What are the characteristics of Roh regime? In the meantime, President Roh is asserting in front of the citizens the necessity to terminate the gangster culture and to reach the international level of human rights.)

To my demand that terrorist and professional killers’ activities should be put to an end, they are simply warning me not to intervene, not to mind what they are doing.


One face of Ban Ki-Moon's agents is happy with violence, threats and insults for provocation.

One of them hits my neck and yells to me “Hit me!”, while at the same time pushes his head in front of me. It is Minister Ban Ki-Moon’s sly technique especially designed to provoke violence.

“Go home!”

(They are using several typical expressions. Again, they warn me not to look at what they are doing. So, do I have to wait and suffer their horrible terrorist activities? Are they allowed to make their living at the expense of the citizens’ lives?)

When I point out what they are doing, he says “You develop your physical power too”. (If so, there will be no problem for you.)” [He will appear at the entrance of the building before Hill’s appearance. 2007]

(Mr. Ban, you clearly proved your “against the weak by force” philosophy in Brussels. You do not need to prove it again. Mr. Ban, did you erase from your memory the terrorist activities that took place at the time you were vice-minister? In order to conceal your murder business for President Kim as if it were only an accident you even mobilized many agents -including a swordsman- in Antwerp. The cover-up arrangement was perfect, but there were so many epicures that evening!. Mr. Ban. You love to use this type of "mise-en-scene".)

There is a man who follows and commands these violent agents from behind. When I identify his name, he pronounces offensive words.

It was not difficult to find someone at the place with an ID on his chest. He was playing a leading role in violence, intimidation and provocation. Unlike other agents who were hiding their ID, this agent was intentionally showing his, being a key figure in the crimes organized for Ban Ki-Moon today. Afternoon June 16, 2006, He will play an outstanding role in the organized violence through which agents of Ban Ki-Moon locked me up to intimidate me, to manipulate their terrorist actions in Brussels, and to create a chance to employ psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) in order to provoke violence (pharmacological torture).

They push and drag me to the opposite side of the pavement. They yell “Do not harm others and go away!”

Ban is not asking to be forgiven for his numerous conspiracy attempts to kidnap and murder me, such as those performed by his agents at a church in Brussels. He is not trying to vindicate himself after what he did to a powerless citizen whom he branded as an anti-government activist for the only reason that the powerless citizen was not agreeing with President Kim Dae-Jung’s political thoughts. Mr. Ban makes his agents shout with violent and grotesque attitudes.

This is the moment when president Roh and Minister Ban disappoint me again.

(This is Ban’s service’s position. Ban proves he is the boss, this time in front of Vice-Minister Class Ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa, Ban’s colleague. During his service for overseas citizens' protection in Brussels he showed that it was merely terrorist activitism -including bioterrorism, abduction and murder attempt-. Since the arrival of his agents and diplomats in Brussels, Ban Ki-Moon shows the same course of action. He’s now simply adding some new techniques, intending to transfer his responsibilities for the terrorist activities to ex-presidents such as Park Chung-Hee and Kim Young-Sam.)

Assassination: President Park Chung Hee

On October 26, 1979, President Park Chung Hee was gunned down by Kim Jae-kyu, the director of the KCIA.


“If you dare to come here, you will have a hard time! (I will give you a raw deal!)”

At the opposite side of the pavement, one agent delivers threatening words and aggressive gestures.

(Violence waits for me on the other side of the street, intending to discourage me from my idea to fight president Roh Moo-Hyun’s cover-up of terrorism in the EU. President Roh was once a human rights lawyer but he is nowadays acting like a human rights oppressor. On the one hand he asserts in front of the people the need to liquidate gangster culture. Nevertheless, his behavior shows otherwise, his politics –once disguised as democracy- are actually refusing to remove gangster culture. Violent agents pretending to be public servants are using threats and harassment which are not precisely “President Roh’s human rights defense”. That is not democratic and it completely disheartens me.)

The agents are approaching me at the time I go across the road in front of MOFAT’s west gate. My claim to terminate all political gangster culture is merely annoying Ban’s political gangsters.

Ban’s agents say “Formally demonstrate with picket!”

(Catch terrorists! This is not a demonstration, it’s a just demand for the liquidation of professional terrorist activities).

(What kind of formality is Ban talking about? Mr. Ban, is murder for political maneuvering your “formal” service? Mr. Ban, you have sent a group of terrorists to murder a citizen for Kim Dae-Jung’s political maneuvering in Brussels, jeopardized my family’s safety by taking them hostage, sent a consul of the Korean Consulate General in Atlanta to menace me at the time I was nearby on a hunger strike (on July 10, 2001), are you now asking from me a formal demonstration? When you were at UN I was accused of being anti-Kim Jung-il pro American extreme right and my life was menaced in Atlanta, USA -I was threatened by one of your diplomats-. Now you are trying to threaten me again through your agents, at this precise time in which you are wishing to be UN secretary general!)

Did you receive official instructions from President Kim Dae-Jung for that sake?

Can you show us the official document with murder instructions?

Do you really believe that your bioterrorist activities for Kim Dae-Jung are legitimate?

Are you convinced that your terrorist activity is legal just because it was ordered by President Kim Dae-Jung?

In which country would Kim’s bioterrorist actions be considered lawful? [You and all those horrible agents that you command often speak words such as “legal” or “official” policies, but continuously contradict yourselves by committing terrorist acts and using inhuman means without hesitation. I am dismayed.]

(What I am beginning to experience again is the hypocritical suppression of human rights and the tangible existence of the kind of terrorism conducted by Mr. Ban Ki-Moon -who will be UN secretary general-.

I lived for a long time in the midst of your criminal arrangements, a real “mise-en-scene”. Kim Jong-Woo -Joshua’s staff- used the expression “gigantic theatrical performance”. By observing your mobilization of agents -from dentists to police intelligence agent, from women with small children to swordsmen, I cannot avoid suffering again the real essence of what you are doing.

It was impossible to stop their gigantic theatrical performance or avoid watching their theater arrangements, but they –from University Vice-President to omnipotent and omnipresent thugs- finally showed their real personalities, values and goals. By doing so, …)

Is President Roh’s favorite tactic to use female agents accompanied with little children in order to threaten me from the back with pain inducing pharmacological substances? Isn’t that an official terrorist act? [When Kim Jong-Gil appeared in front of me with 4 agents from Germany, his wife was there with two young children. She had been introduced to me as a teacher. This is just one of their old stratagems]

Do you operate death squads legally? Is that activity informed to the citizens?

When I was threatened to vote for candidate Roh on the Presidential Election Day, was that threat an official procedure? I vividly remember those words of vicious criminals -Choose the correct one this time!-.

In front of his ministry, Ban pretends to be pursuing the “gangster culture liquidation”, but in reality he and his colleagues are -and were- persecuting me in various ways with psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs), narcotics, kidnappers and death squads at home and abroad.

In order to implement terrorism they didn’t hesitate to employ agents hired from China to the Mediterranean Coast, and to use various substances against me -from narcotics to psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs)- in the EU.

It’s time that you stop using decorative words such as “formal” and “official”, and that you start enforcing the liquidation of gangster culture according to the promise made by your current superior President Roh.

[It is important to note that when I was at the Sam Chung Police Box adjacent to the Presidential Palace and I asked them to investigate the terrorist activities of Kim Dae-Jung in EU, a policeman named “Han” refused to listen and tried instead to make me drink psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) which produce an effect equivalent to that of torture]


“Did you formally (officially) operate to murder a Korean citizen?” (Mr. Kim Dae-Jung, Mr. Ban, did you formally (officially) instruct and operate to murder one of the citizens of Korea?)

When I clearly express those words, one of them yells “Take his camera away from him!”

I’m being pushed again at the opposite side of road.


The attitude of Ban’s MOFAT shows a syndrome of omnipotence associated with the feeling of a complete power over citizens. Compensation via money, women and jobs constitute Ban and Kim’s omnipotent means. They believed in that omnipotence in Brussels, but it couldn’t affect me to their satisfaction.

They go on moving around in order to earn money by murdering people and threatening their victims through various means -including pharmacological torture on the streets- but then they contradictorily request for my formal demonstration with picket. By all these horrendous means which include death threats, they have persistently rejected my demand to put to an end all terrorist activities.

[I have no picket. Instead of picket, I have websites.]

Formality of terrorists, what is this?

What Ban Ki-Moon’s and Kim Dae-Jung’s agents want is complicity, a silent cover-up. What they are saying about liquidation of gangster culture is just a political manoeuvre, hypocrisy, sheer propaganda and disguise for their well paid life as emigrants for safety.

As I have already mentioned, this policeman named “Han” rejected my request to dismantle terrorist activities and tried to make me drink psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs), which often make the victim behave like a violent criminal. (This sort of psychotropic substances (psychoactive drugs) plot was used against me in Brussels, and will be continued under the eyes of Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and President Roh.)

Is this Kim Dae-Jung’s formality? or Is this President Roh’s formality?


Mr. Ban is showing his intrinsic sense of justice and human rights –which is actually injustice, unfair treatment of citizens and human rights suppression-, he will loudly expose his pretensions to the whole world from his position as UN Secretary General.


A policeman who is standing in front of me plays scornfully on words.

[My demand to liquidate terrorist activities becomes a target for a lot of menace. Is this a democracy guaranteeing peace and citizens’ freedom? This policeman will run over me with his body, trying to provoke a quarrel]

“Just catch those baddies! Then I will not be coming here again!” I reply to them.

They say “Do not harm others and go away!” They have already committed acts of terrorism, tried to murder me, and they are now showing an inadmissible attitude against their terror victim, who is only demanding the end of all terror activities. 08:23

He replied with gross words. It looks like terrorists and their sympathizers see the demand of liquidation as an object of ridicule.

One of them is again starting a quarrel by hitting me with his body.


When I mention that those protecting terrorists are also subject to liquidation, he replies insulting me. He warns me to mind my own business and not to look at their behavior. He utters words directed to chase me away. This agent uses his lightened cigarette as a tool in order to threaten me and add to their gross words. [He will later repeat these threats many times by using his lightened cigarette]

Two policemen are helping him.


Why didn’t you end up dead? Why did you come back (alive)? (He sneered at the fact that I had survived to all terrorist and murder attempts made by President Kim Dae-Jung’s death squad.)

If I am murdered, it will be by your hand.


One of the most insidious agents appears. [He will manipulate the essence of criminal narcotic poisoning by KCIA and MOFAT diplomats against a citizen, and pretend it to be simply drug intoxication. This man who is hiding his ID card will operate his walkie-talkie from time to time while selectively uttering cunning words. Afternoon, June 16, 2006, One year later - This man will come out again from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and insult me on behalf of UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon. It will be the seventh year after the kidnapping and murder attempt at Antwerp organized in behalf of president Kim Dae-Jung. One of agents called it “Burnt Offering”.]

Following the skillful signal of this sly agent, another one disguised as a passerby attacks me with his fist.

Ban Ki-Moon (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.), Drugs, Prostitution, Hostage Threat, Bribe, Germs using Terrorism, Chemical Terrorism, Kidnapping and Murder Attempt as DJ's Burnt Offering

Left: The sly agent in the picture above comes out from the ministry. Another one pretending to be a mere passerby attacks me with his fist after his colleague’s signal. Today’s afternoon this mischievous agent will play the role of a good person with whom it is reasonable and possible to have a conversation, and he will thus set up a plot.

Right: One year later - This sly agent will be in front of the Ministry to insult me on behalf of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. June 15, 2007 (Minister of Foreign Affaires and Trade: Song Min-Soon)

He clenches his fist at the time he is entering the west gate. The attacker smiles after his violence. At the west gate of the ministry, there are numerous policemen. But these pretended public servants do not restrain the attacker, who freely enters into the Ministry premises without anyone stopping or arresting him, although he had visibly launched a violent attack against a citizen in front of everybody.

What a contradiction! Instead of arresting the attacker those policemen at the west gate restrain me! –I was only protesting against Ban’s arranged violence-. (Those policemen were smiling in a very peculiar way, a faint sneer of satisfaction seemed to cross their faces, reminding me of President Roh’s smiling at a press interview after the pain inducing pharmacological torture I was subject to).

While those agents near the west gate are saying “If you want to enter, go into the ministry”, they push me towards the inside of the ministry. [It was a premonitory sign of their attack which was to be mounted on that very same day.]


Later, he will deny Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon's organized violence in the room of MOFAT.

A person holding a walkie-talkie in his hand appears in civilian clothes. [He will later deny the fact that I was confined inside the ministry.]

[Officer “Han” is standing by his side, the same policeman who will later be in the room where I will be locked up.]

To my claim to liquidate all terrorist activities, they are responding as if it were just a noise.

09:00 I notify them that my procedure is finished for the day, with intention to continue on my demand to liquidate Mr. Ban’s dissimulated terrorist activities.

[Indeed I have to receive official protection from them like any other terror victim in normal democratic countries. But what I receive instead is their death threats, violent attacks, proposals of narcotic plants cultivation and pharmacological torture. UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon! Is this your human rights and world peace? You -UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon- you are continuously denying human rights that are one of the most solid grounds for world peace.]

President Kim Dae-Jung, Kim Jong-Il

Immediately after the June 15 North-South Korean Joint Declaration made at the North-South summit meeting and in Pyongyang from June 13 to June 15, 2000, President Kim Dae-Jung invested time, money and resources in a massive political manipulation operation. As the date to commemorate the Korean War of June 25 was approaching, he branded me as an extreme rightist, his agents attempted to kidnap and murder me while bicycles were passing by in Antwerp, as it had not been easily accomplished in Brussels. .. It happened 6 years ago. Mr. Ban was then MOFAT vice Minister, fully responsible for implementing President Kim Dae-Jung’s diplomatic philosophy or directions.

Where did he, Mr. Ban, learn his violent tactics? It is evident that he will be using his fist, agents and money. It is amazing. President Roh’s rule of dark force and Mr. Ban’s service of dark politics have to be witnessed once again.

After Ban Ki-Moon's violence, in memory of the wide variety of terrorist activities provided under president Kim Dae-Jung in Brussels and Antwerp, ...

President Roh said at TV news: “Democracy and human rights in Korea cannot be mentioned without President Kim Dae-Jung”. He mentioned human rights and democracy, but meanwhile he attacked a terror victim who was only asking for the very same human rights, democracy, and the dismantling of terrorist activities in the way it had been asserted by president Roh Moo-Hyun himself. Even though the President is known to be engaged in bioterrorism, pharmacological tortures and murder attempts, he is not receiving any public condemnation, but flattery instead. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and President Kim and Roh show that they have a unique concept of democracy and a distinctive notion of human rights.

It is exactly with the same full significance of President Roh’s words asserting the need to abolish all political gangster culture that those horrendous terrorist activities and their cover-up should immediately be put to an end.

And as I wish my beautiful and beloved country my very best, I have now to make a choice in the direction of just progress, towards the liquidation of all terrorist activities, towards constructive engagement and full implementation of human rights. I have now to go on striving after the vision of a beautiful country I -like most of citizens- am dreaming of!

“The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the President.” April 19, 2005, Minister Ban Ki-MoonKim Dae-Jung, Hostage Threat, Bioterrorism, Bribery, Prostitution



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