Proper Duty


Proper Duty - Manipulative Politics: The politics of President Roh, Moo-Hyun who committed chemical terrorism against a terror victim and tries to accuse him of being anti-government.

The elderly driver says, “The world has to turn upside down,” for the purpose of starting a conspiracy. A typical word game played by secret agents that I have heard many times since my college years. It would be better to watch a third class drama than this. A third class drama would cost just a little time and money, but these errands men want the life, flesh, and blood of a human. Although Director of National Intelligence Service Kim Seung-Kyu served as Minister of Justice, his manipulative politics is not much different from the gangster politics that I witnessed in Brussels.

Is it to reveal that they have no intention to investigate the bioterrorism, attempted kidnapping or manipulative politics, although they are investigating eavesdropping? Does the national leader think that I am turning the world upside down if I insist on the disarmament of political terrorists and the elimination of gangster political culture?

Is it justice to oppress the terror victim by accusing him of being anti-government, rather than to deal with terrorism? It reminds me of those who tried to force President Kim Dae-Jung’s political beliefs on me, to see how they use oppression as a political means while they are speaking of democracy on the other hand. Is this advanced democracy? Or is this mass propaganda democracy?

“We have to get rid of exclusive and privileged ‘gangster culture’ remaining in our political power”, President Roh, Moo-Hyun also emphasized.

Lim Dong-Won, ex-Director of National Intelligence Service says, “I did my best during my term to make it an intelligence agency that is faithful to its proper duty.” Was it the proper duty of Director of National Intelligence Service Lim to carry out bioterrorism and attempt kidnapping and assassination?

They try to manipulate me as anti-government, inducing the words against President Roh, Moo-Hyun, after the chemical terrorism was perpetuated. It is a typical trite example of making an anti-government political prisoner. It is a vicious circle of political maneuvering that is not much different from the conspiracy of a seminary student who became a pastor who said it was anti-government to support the opposition party at the time of President Kim, Dae-Jung.

This is the disappointing proper duty of Director of National Intelligence Service Kim, Seung-Kyu.

Is it anti-government to resist terrorism and oppression?

President Roh, Moo-Hyun who says that terrorism should be counteracted with determination, and Minister of Justice Chun, Jung-Bae should correct the vicious circle of political oppression and terrorism.

Oct 29, 2005

"We will not return to the past history of human rights violations," Roh said. "We will try to further contribute to enhancing human rights at the international level."

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