Pursuing Terrorists’ Prosperity - 35th


Mr. Ban Ki-Moon! Is germs using terrorism insufficient? Why do you have to strangle me in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade? In front of President Roh Moo-hyun’s Blue House and Ban Ki-Moon’s crime essence The 35th

June 21, 2006

“The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the President.” April 19, 2005, Minister Ban Ki-MoonBan Ki-Moon (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.),

Pursuing Terrorists’ Prosperity and Terrorists’ Development – Bribe, Concealment and Violence

Right in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon does not hesitate to use violence in order to conceal political terrorism in the European Union.

Even today Ban Ki-Moon and his colleagues and followers are attempting to strangle people in order to cover up terrorist acts committed in the European Union for President Kim Dae-Jung.

Whom is your protection of overseas citizens for?

 2000 km cycling event between Paris and Berlin 2000 km cycling event between Paris and Berlin

President Kim Dae-Jung tried to kidnap and murder me using the 2000 km cycling event between Paris and Berlin. That cycling event was organized in order to help North Korean children with tuberculosis, to which philanthropic organizations contributed.

The criminal attempt took place immediately after the June 15 North-South Korean Joint Declaration, at the end of the North-South summit held in Pyongyang from June 13 to June 15, 2000.

Right after announcing the Joint Declaration on June 15th at the inter-Korea Summit Talks, President Kim Dae-Jung intended to abduct and kill me, taking advantage of the crowded streets during the Paris – Berlin 2000Km bicycle event.

It happened just a few days before commemorating the Korean War in Seoul. As the commemoration date June 25 was approaching, I was branded an extreme rightist, subject to abduction and murder attempts while bicycle racers were passing by in Antwerp, after the failure of a similar criminal attempt in Brussels.

Whether it was to commemorate the day of abduction and murder or not, Minister Ban Ki-Moon confined his terror victim and executed violence inside the Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry (MOFAT) building. Today, he strangles his terror victim in front of MOFAT -the headquarter of state sponsored crime operation-.

Even though it is rainy today, I go out to stand firm in front of President Roh Moo-Hyun’s Presidential Palace (Blue House, Chung-Wa Dae) with the purpose of demanding the annihilation of all terrorism organizations.


07:36 Arriving at the Central Government Complex annex of Changsung Dong.

Until to 07:56. Obstruction. Roadblock in front of the Central Government Complex annex of Changsung Dong. Demanding the annihilation of political gangster culture in front of the Central Government Complex annex of Changsung Dong.

The agent standing in front of me beat my chest with his elbow while he kept on smiling, he did not change his friendly appearance at all. In that way he was showing the sly violence of President Roh Moo-Hyun and asserting the need to terminate the gangster culture in front of the people.

08:15 Demanding the annihilation of political terrorism organization for 30 minutes in front of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade under Ban Ki-Moon’s eyes.

Police pick up a quarrel with me on my way when I was coming back. Moving to another gate of MOFAT. Reappearance of two violent agents of minister Ban Ki-Moon. One of two violent agents had already beaten me last Wednesday. Man dressed in police uniform and holding a walkie-talkie came to help the 2 violent agents. One of violent agents turned over my umbrella and threw it to the woods. Sly Threat. Falling down to the backside.

When I arrived home, it was 9:20

Morning - Toward President’s Presidential Palace (Chung-Wa Dae):

07:36 Arriving at the Central Government Complex annex of Changsung Dong.

07:44 One agent who is always aiming at a quarrel, came and started one of his characteristic verbal aggressions. When I started asking Song’s whereabouts, he mentioned the “Germany World Cup”. Soon this agent built up a quarrel with his well learnt agent tactics.

Song lured me at Köln in Western Germany. It was before German Unification. At the early period, like Bae Yang-Hong, they often tried to make a citizen into a criminal, such as a diamond smuggler. Their early decoys were women and financial gains. Their goal was to lure me into diamond smuggling by showing me decoys.

The whole morning was saturated with the agents’ abundant and vicious attempts to start a fight.

Just the same as the policeman had spitted to the garden in the police box, the agent is now turning his back and spitting out saliva.

08:12 Arriving at the entrance of Central Government Complex.

If it were not for autocracy in this world, which other political power could execute violence against victims of terrorism who are aiming to catch the terrorists and remove political gangster culture? Autocratic people disguised as human rights lawyers, indulging themselves in terrorism in a way that is difficult to achieve even in a despotic country, using the word "democracy” with false pretensions, and past history liquidation. To them, I am demanding political violence liquidation.

Furthermore, I am questioning the essence of democracy which is falsely claimed by persons moving around the world with the purpose of killing other people.

(Kill freely and get paid more?)

08:15 Arriving at the west gate of MOFAT (Central Government Complex annex). (It is into this gate that I was drawn by some of Mr. Ban’s violent agents.)

Mr Ban Ki-Moon, do you think your real essence in the question of human rights will change by menacing your victim repeatedly with strangling him in front of the gate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? By doing so, can you justify your terrorism? You said I am an antigovernment activist, because I support an opposition party, and you as Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade executed political terrorist acts against me. Minister Ban Ki-Moon of MOFAT, do you want to see me as an antigovernment activist if I support the Grand National (Hannara) Party -which is an opposition party- and President Kim Dae-Jung’s Democratic Party -which is also an opposition party at this time?

08:17 The person who was the leader of violence during last week.

The person who confined and executed violent acts against me in front of the camera -under the control of Mr. Ban- was coming out. (April 11, 2007, One of his close collaborators will emerge around the entrance of Ministry of Foreign Affairs building at the day Christopher Hill enters.) As soon as he came close to me, he raised his hand and strangled my neck. I was demanding that the person who tried to abduct and kill a citizen should be punished, I was asking why are they bringing violence. And he was exclaiming “oh!. To this Ban’s agent, a citizen’s life and freedom were not worth due consideration.


This is Ban Ki-Moon’s real essential philosophy of human rights and world peace.

One year later - 26 June 2007 – Marking the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other United Nations officials today roundly denounced the practice and called on all countries to ratify the international treaty that bans it. To commemorate the Day, “let us speak with one voice against the perpetrators of torture, and for all who suffer at their hands,” Mr. Ban said in a message. “And let us build a better, more humane world for all people everywhere.”

The person who strangled me in front of Ban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs came out openly with his name written down in his ID card. His behavior was strange. It was different from the other’s. Indeed the name of this agent was similar to that of an agent. It was a very sly plan that may be explained later. Ban’s insidious tactics to transfer responsibility of crime to someone else. (Ex-President Kim Young-Sam will be mentioned later by one of agents).

(Automobiles of intelligence service are with temporary number plates according to the necessity.)

This person is freely performing violent actions right in front of other policemen and his colleagues.

And after behaving with such violence, he insisted that he had never performed such violent acts.

Ban’s sleek tactics.

That’s the way in which this person repeatedly behaved violently and abusively in front of the gate of MOFAT.

And it constitutes enough evidence that even today agents and policemen are helping Ban’s violence in front of MOFAT.

One of the policemen was intimidating me and picking up a quarrel. The other policeman who was silently watching the violent attitude of Ban’s agent was shouting a word “etiquette”. The policeman helping Ban’s agent who tried to strangle me is actually intimidating a terror victim instead of helping him.

Mr Ban Ki-Moon, do I have to keep quiet even when your agent is strangling my neck?

During the execution of Ban’s violence, they were filming the scene with 2 cameras. It was exactly the same that had happened inside the MOFAT building when I was imprisoned by Ban’s agents. Behind the policeman who was shooting one of the cameras you could see the persons who had helped the agent strangling my neck. Filming behind the sentry and hiding there. Indeed what he was doing was funny, because MOFAT building has to be equipped with many high quality security cameras.

The policeman who was helping the Ban’s gangsters was behind my back.

An agent hiding behind the back of Ban's cameraman was part of the violent gang taking part in the criminal act that put me in a room very much like a torture chamber. This person was claiming to be a policeman, let us remember that one of Kim Dae-Jung’s bioterrorists was a diplomat indeed. A criminal who was linked to DJ’s diamond smuggling network was pleading to be a patriot. None of them did hesitate to use sly threats. One of the diplomats who suggested a bribe to conceal Kim Dae-Jung’s terrorism also menaced my family’s safety many times.

President Kim Dae-Jung used my family as his hostage.

May 23, 2005 - Arson threat, In front of President Roh Moo-hyun's Blue House. (1)

Aug. 14, 2005 - Arson, Fire on the first floor of a building. Before 5 am in the morning. Those that were showing smiling faces were very much amused while they kept on shouting that it would explode. 5:04 am (Time to write on the internet: 5:10 am)

08:25 One of the persons who used violence to confine me inside the MOFAT building is instructing policemen. This person was shooting the video camera and inducing me to go away.

I told that person that Minister Ban Ki-Moon should liquidate the terrorism organization, and then hang a banner notifying the annihilation of Kim Dae-Jung’s terrorist network, so that I will not have any further need to protest in front of the MOFAT building.

It was sly tactics again. These violent agents were addressing to me with the polite word “Mr”, but they kept on mixing it with a threatening expression like “Want to die?". That looks like their favorite slogan.

The person dressed in police uniform was shouting “Policeman should be like policeman, citizen should be like citizen.” Those were the words from the person who did not mind about Ban’s violence at all, such as tying up my neck.

Later on he was asking for “some more shouting”.

Behind the steel gate stands the person whose family name is Han, he was the first policeman joining those gangster agents in a room to add weight to the intimidation. And he kept on smiling. Violence and threats seem to be their amusement.

The pain is evident in both muscle and skin of the neck which is being tied up by the long hand of President Roh Moo-Hyun.

I notified the end of today’s procedure demanding the termination of all political gangster networks. They have to know this was not my last effort to build up a beautiful country.

The policeman who was helping the Ban’s gangsters was behind my back.

Towards the main gate of Ban’s Ministry.

(Left: The agent who holds a cup was one of the two agents employing violence)

There were two persons who beat me with their fists and then appeared again at the gate. That is the Gate facing North which lets automobiles enter through the main entrance of the MOFAT building. After stealing my umbrella and throwing it amongst the woods, they also wanted to draw me to the woods. This illustrates the violent tools that Minister Ban Ki-Moon and President Roh Moo-Hyun are using.

The agent who beat my belly and neck with his fists, is trying to induce some violent reaction from me by throwing my umbrella to the woods next to MOFAT, and by delivering insulting threats. The agent whom you see at the side of these well trained-to-threats citizens, was behaving with arrogance at the same time that he was drinking something from a cup.

(The policeman was also helping at the time they were executing violence. They were shouting out in order to intimidate me and stop my demands. That took place precisely in front of the policemen that were present. But they were not policemen at all, they were just political gangsters. Minister Ban and President Roh have spoiled the whole ranks, turning agents and policemen into gangsters.)

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Ban Ki-moon officially declared his candidacy for the United Nations' top post on Tuesday. It is the first time a South Korean has run in the election for secretary-general. … ``Ban has nearly four decades of experience as a diplomat and administrator with an immaculate reputation,'' Yu told reporters. ``He has long been involved in issues of peace and security, development, democracy and human rights _ the necessary qualifications to accomplish the U.N.'s ideals and goals.'' 02-14-2006 16:33 Korea Times

He is the stunning person working under Minister Ban Ki-Moon, masquerading as diplomat and administrator with an irreproachable reputation, who did spotless protection of citizens abroad.

Jung-Pyo Cho (Consul General, Korean Consulate General in Atlanta, incumbent Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.), Dae-Hwa Choi (Vice Minister rank Ambassador), Ki-Moon Ban (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, incumbent Secretary-General of the U.N.), Diplomatic Immunity and Privileges - Principle IV, The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him. (Nuremberg Principles)

Minister Ban insists “People should be on alert. They have to take care of their own security”, while MOFAT pushes a high ranking Vice-minister diplomat named Choi Dae-Hwa to go around killing a powerless citizen. Minister Ban committed himself to various “immaculate” terrorism acts for President Kim Dae-Jung. He doesn’t mind using violence -even physical violence- inside and outside his headquarters building.

That is the real thing happening at the main building of MOFAT in Seoul, the hideout of the men who applied drugs to his fellow citizens and indulged themselves in terrorism.

Death threat, confinement, violence, pharmacological torture attempts and other menaces by using police and security force.

“The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the President.” April 19, 2005, Minister Ban Ki-Moon, Diplomatic Immunity and Privileges

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Under President Kim Dae-Jung. You did not hesitated to employ terrifying methods such as clandestine use of psychotropic drugs (pharmacological torture), bioterrorism, fabrication of pro-Kim Jung-il anti-American communist and anti-Kim Jung-il pro-American extreme right-winger and numerous attempts to kidnap and murder in European Union.

Principle IV, The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him. Nuremberg Principles

Ban Ki-Moon. The ultimate responsible of the suppression of overseas citizens is the President; the minister of MOFAT has the responsibility of execution.

Mr. Ban. You did not hesitate to confine a terror victim in the MOFAT, execute violence upon that victim, and tied up his neck in front of the MOFAT building.

As a citizen who did barely survive to the terrorist acts executed by MOFAT in EU, I have demanded and will go on demanding the liquidation of terrorism.

To the question whether your philosophy of foreign affairs turns out to be terrorism or overseas citizens' protection, you are answering by your brutal actions.

Hoping that Mr. Ban Ki-Moon may become a great UN Secretary by liquidating the violent gangster culture which is asserted by President Roh Moo-Hyun!

[One year later, a policeman will admit the practice of torture. June 21, 2007]

“The ultimate responsibility of diplomacy is with the President, and I am responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or directions of the President.” April 19, 2005, Minister Ban Ki-Moon



President Roh Moo-Hyun Special lecture in Yonsei University on "Let us cut off the politics-economics and politics-press adhesion." On 27th, the President said, "We have to get rid of the exclusive and privileged 'gangster culture' that remains in our political power." "In the gangster culture, they have strict laws established for themselves. They don’t respect any law toward the outside world. Internally, they have powerful rule, and have strict relations of loyalty and compensation. It is an exclusive privilege group. People in general suffer because there are unfair transactions among them. This is the reason why I am trying to cut off the connection between political and economic powers." May 27, 2004


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