Patriot I - Terrorist


President Roh Moo-Hyun/ The National Unification Advisory Council (UNAC)

For unification? Compensation/Cover-up? Money?

Kidnapping and assassination of a powerless citizen for profit. What a patriot!

Committing Bio-terrorism

After the e-mail entitled “Happy New Year” from “Dae-Jung Kim” that was received after contacting President Dae-Jung Kim at the Blue House from Atlanta, President Dae-Jung Kim ’s terrorists committed bio-terrorism by mobilizing secret agents —Mme Suh and his Joshua group and contracted Chinese agents including a woman— in Brussels. [e-mail from, Sat, 23 Dec 2000 10:54:27 +0900]

It is important to remember what Paid Well’s colleague said about China to me and a Chinese person who is fluent in Korean — it was in the garden in the museum near the ponds. It was sophisticated preparation for committing bio-terrorism.

Mme Suh and his Joshua agents and the contracted Chinese agents were simple tools of President Dae-Jung Kim and those who implemented the diplomatic philosophy or instructions of President Kim, such as incumbent UN Secretary General Ki-Moon Ban.

After President Kim’s terrorists used infectious agents against a civilian, I survived and found out more about Kim’s terrorists. The so-called “Patriot I,” who was related to diamond dealings, made a death threat before I left Brussels. He was a person who was operating around me even before diplomats lured me to the U.S. Armed Forces’ NATO military base at Mons. Later, this person from this political repression group from the late 80’s became an honorary professor and a member of the NUAC. He is shrouded in mystery.

Who are you?

Where are you?

One of this political terrorists who worked for diplomats under the control of Choi Dae-Hwa -a colleague of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon- became a honorary University professor and a member of NUAC.

His real identity has been shrouded in mystery.

He and his closest colleague shroud their criminal activities in secrecy.

diamond, death threats after President Kim's bioterrorism,



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